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Rise of the Ronin

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First look on Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is an upcoming combat focused open-world action RPG game which takes you on an epic and unfettered journey as a Ronin at the dawn of a new era in Japan. The game release in 2024 on both Ps5 and Pc via Steam. The game is developed by Team Ninja and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Above all, this game is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in an historically inspired world while bringing together its renowned combat action with Katanas and the likes, with new firearm weaponry that depicts the unique personality of its time period. More of Rise of the Ronin story will come out some time in 2023.


Rise of the Ronin looks fantastic and has a strong narrative premise that includes combat and a modern-day lifestyle. To begin, the most intriguing aspect of this game is the choices you make along the way.Interactions with some NPCS adhere to their own ideologies and behaviors; players can choose to side with them or remain neutral.This basically means the course of the game’s story is driven to some extent by players. This also gives the possibility for replayability since the game’s outcome changes drastically.
Secondly, since this is a samurai game, traditional swords and katanas are a big part of Rise of the Ronin. However, they aren’t the only typical weapons for samurais. A pull-blade weapon along with a grapple hook to attach and attack enemies are part of the game as well. And since the game takes place in the 1800s, gun power is also a thing. Muskets, bayonets, and revolvers are important weapons to master in this game and use wisely through the samurai’s journey. Thirdly, in Rise of the Ronin there is this jumping-off-heights mechanic that deploys some sort of eagle-like wings to fly over some obstacles. This counts as part of traversal just as much as riding horses does.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video.
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