PUBG Mobile Commemorates Ramadan with Golden Moon


PUBG Mobile Commemorates Ramadan with Golden Moon

PUBG Mobile Commemorates Ramadan with Golden Moon: The Tides Campaign

To celebrate Ramadan, PUBG Mobile has released Golden Moon: The Tides, a new campaign in the Golden Moon series. With the popularity of last year’s campaign, The Tides portrays the story of a family that reunites to fight an unexpected enemy invasion under the luminous glow of the Golden Moon.

PUBG Mobile has teamed up with Synchron Stage Vienna to create an original symphonic work, PUBG Mobile | Golden Moon: The Tides, and an upcoming music video as part of the Golden Moon celebrations. Additionally, players can visit the Golden Moon Bazaar in-game to purchase songs they can keep forever.

Golden Moon Bazaar Grand Opening

Starting today, players can experience the official launch of the Golden Moon Bazaar in PUBG Mobile. The grand foyer hosts a variety of events, including the Golden Moon Treasure, the Golden Moon Showdown, the Golden Moon Blessing, Popularity Ranking, and the Eid al-Fitr Feast.

Players can choose from a selection of unique gifts, including the Tide Soldier Set that can be kept forever. However, these abundant benefits are only available until April 30, 2023.

Golden Moon: The Tides Events and Rewards

Golden Moon: The Tides introduces exciting events with amazing rewards in PUBG Mobile. The Moondrop Eterna event, running until April 26, 2023, features the new M249 upgradeable rifle and the sleek Moondrop Eterna ultimate set.

The Golden Moon crate, which contains the Crescent Princess set, the Resplendent Prince set, and the Golden Prince/Dancing Princess/Golden Trigger set, is available until April 14th, 2023. Players can also acquire the exclusive Golden Moon sets Crescent Princess, Resplendent Prince, and Moondrop Eterna during this year’s campaign.

PUBG Mobile Commemorates Ramadan with Golden Moon: The Tides Campaign
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PUBG Mobile’s Golden Moon: The Tides campaign offers players a chance to experience new events, acquire exclusive rewards, and immerse themselves in a fresh story. Visit the Golden Moon Bazaar and join the fight against unexpected enemies under the shimmering light of the Golden Moon. Don’t miss out on the abundant benefits available until April 30, 2023.

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