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First look on Aquatico

Aquatico ,an underwater survival city-builder set on the ocean floor. Where you can strategically build an underwater city atop the ocean floor and face the challenges that accompany an oceanic life. Developed by Digital Reef Games and published by Overseer Games. It will be released on January 12, 2023. 


Aquatico is an underwater survival city-builder set on the ocean floor. The Earth’s surface has become a barren wasteland, forcing humanity to pour any remaining hope for a new beginning into the depths of the sea. Upon discovering a world below the tides, the opportunity to start over is within reach. Despite the new beginning, the dangers and challenges that lie ahead won’t make surviving under the sea a simple task.


moving on to the gameplay, just as the story describes it. Aquatico is all about survival under the deep seas, where you build your base. Firstly, the game allows you to discover the surroundings and collect resources to build your base. Moreover, farming, building, managing workers, obtaining electricity, and much more are part of the daily routine in this game. Keep your people warm while keeping an eye out for natural sea creatures like sharks and whales.These kinds of creatures may bring harm and dangerous events to your base if you’re not careful enough.
Secondly, while exploring is a huge part of the game, collecting resources and building different things such as defense grids, oxygen extractors, drones, and submarines is a great way to secure your perimeter. Accordingly, the deeper you explore, the more rare tools you find. Finally, keep your head cool and don’t panic as you dive into the unknown secrets of the deep waters of the sea that await you in Aquatico.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video.
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