Stray cat in a Cyberpunk high-tech city?!

Stray the cat game

Just like the title says. Stray is a cat game where you play as a cat in a cyberpunk city populated by robots. Your journey to survive while being away from your family is tough for a cat. Uncover the city’s past and unite with your family again.

In stray , B-12 is a small robot that accompanies you through your mission, helping you interact safely with denizens of the high-tech world, translating, storing items that you find and providing light in dark alleys.

when discussing a cyberpunk popolation Robots are to be discussed. Not every robot you cross paths with in Stray is friendly to play with or guide you. But they aren’t the ones you should watch out for!

Zerks are small creatures that jump at you in massive numbers. Trying to suck life out of you, avoiding them at all cost, is your first goal on the list. Even though B-12 helps you fight them back, you’re better off running away. Stealth and dexterity are also a thing in this game, and cats succeed at such things, so there is that.

Puzzles and exploration are the main themes of Stray’s gameplay. The game itself isn’t very long, but being able to explore the city’s corners makes up for that. Not to mention plateforming, movements, and jumping across or over things is what cats do, but it won’t be a problem since it’s all scripted, so there is no room for failure.

My favorite detail about this game is that you spend your days like a regular cat. Pushing items off of ledges and curiously discovering places, rubbing against the legs of robots, furniture, walls, sleeping and even meowing is one hell of an experience.

Memories are also something that helps in story development. The more you scatter throughout the game, the more answers you get from B-12 about the game’s world.

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