Lone ruin

Lone Ruin

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Lone ruin

First look on Lone Ruin

Lone ruin is a spell-based shooter game that focuses on replayability. Developed by Cuddle Monster Games and published by Super Rare Originals. It will be available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on January 12, 2023. 


Lone Ruin is a game where you play as an explorer who seeks a mysterious ancient power and ventures into a ruined magical city. Venture into an old, magical ruin to seek an ancient power in this highly replayable roguelike twin-stick shooter. Optimize spells and build ultimate combos to defeat twisted monstrosities and delve deeper into the game.


Moving on to the gameplay Lone Ruin is a replayable game that takes up to 4 hours to beat. Firstly, it is a 3D “board” game with wide camera settings where you can see the entire ground. Accordingly, this roguelike game allows you to start over when you lose while giving hints of what works and what does not. Secondly, spells and strategies are part of the game. The start is basic, as you only have a dash. However, you get to pick from 8 different spells as you progress more into the game’s story. Each and every spell is flashy and beautifully designed, as well as helpful in different situations.
Thirdly, in Lone Ruin you may upgrade the skills you unlock by selecting one of the several aspects of it. such as cooldown time, fire power, or fire rate, and the addition of area of effect. Sometimes you’ll even have to choose between an upgrade to current spells and unlocking a new one. This is where Lone Ruin gets tricky—not only with spells, but once you clear a floor, you get two paths to choose from. These small decisions alter how the game plays in the long run and make it less predictable with more options to try out again.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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