EA Sports' Glitch: FIFA Mobile's UTOTS Bug

EA Sports’ Glitch: FIFA Mobile’s UTOTS Bug

EA Sports’ Glitch: FIFA Mobile’s UTOTS Bug

EA’s Mishap with FIFA Mobile Update: The UTOTS Bug and Community Discontent


EA Sports, the renowned game developer, has once again stumbled upon a major issue with their recent update for FIFA Mobile. This time, it’s the UTOTS bug that has left players frustrated and dissatisfied. The bug, albeit for a brief period, granted users top cards and exceptionally high rewards with each pull. In this article, we will delve into the details of this glitch, its impact on the community, and EA’s handling of the situation.

The Bug’s Unintended Bounty

The highly anticipated release of the Ultimate Team of the Season (UTOTS) players took place last night during the reset at 12:30 am IST. Among the various packs available to players, there was one particular pack that offered an enticing opportunity to obtain UTOTS players for a mere cost of 20 UTOTS points. However, acquiring these guaranteed UTOTS players necessitated a significant investment of at least 2000 UTOTS points.

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Unfortunately, a glitch within the game occurred, granting players unprecedented rewards with each purchase. For instance, users were astonished to receive an astonishing 300 million coins alongside top picks like Haaland, Rashford, and other UTOTS cards with every single pull. This unintended bounty continued for a minimum of 30 minutes, extending until 1 am.

A Windfall for Some, Frustration for Others

During this brief window of opportunity, players who took advantage of the glitch were able to amass UTOTS players without spending any resources, in addition to receiving coin rewards far beyond their expectations. As a result, numerous players accumulated billions of coins in their accounts. To prevent market inflation, EA had to intervene and close the market temporarily.

Community Outrage and Disappointment

When the glitch was initially discovered, many players saw it as an opportunity to enhance their teams and expressed delight. However, the sentiment soon shifted to anger and disappointment among the larger community. The bug became a sore point, particularly for those who did not exploit the situation.

Social media platforms quickly became a platform for players to vent their frustrations. Numerous users voiced their concerns and listed other ongoing issues with the game, despite the maintenance updates that aimed to fix some of these problems.

For many players, the hours of effort invested in assembling a top-tier team were rendered meaningless due to this bug. The sudden influx of high Overall (OVR) squads caused significant frustration and added to their discontent.

Patching the Glitch but Not the Broken Hearts

EA Sports has since fixed the glitch, but the repercussions are still being felt in the market. Players who were offline during the glitch period might find themselves at a significant disadvantage, facing the harsh reality of the market dominated by those who now possess a surplus of coins.

Critics argue that EA’s handling of the situation has been nothing short of shambolic. The lack of effective communication, coupled with delayed responses, has only intensified the frustration among the player base. At this point, it remains uncertain what actions EA will take concerning those who took advantage of the bug. All we can do is wait for further updates and hope for a fair resolution.


The recent UTOTS bug in FIFA Mobile has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many players. EA’s failure to prevent such glitches and their inadequate response to the community’s concerns have fueled discontent and disappointment. As the game continues to evolve, it is crucial for game developers to prioritize effective communication and swift actions to maintain the trust and satisfaction of their player base. Let us hope that EA Sports learns from this experience and endeavors to provide a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience in the future.

*Note: This article has been written as an analysis of recent events in FIFA Mobile and doesnot reflect the author’s personal opinions or affiliations.*

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