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Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

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Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

First look on Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is an action RPG hack and slash game set in the vibrant world of Gamindustri. The game is developed and published by Idea Factory International and set for release on 24th January of the year 2023 on PS4 PS5 and PC via Steam.


The Story of Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters is about Nepgear and other candidates investigating a monster outbreak in an abandoned research facility. The Ashen Goddess trapped them in a capsule and placed them in a deep sleep for 2 years. However, once they emerge from slumber, they find Planeptune ravaged by a series of strange outbreaks. Suddenly finding herself robbed of home and family, Nepgear is met with the greatest challenge she’s ever faced. This is a story about finding hope in the midst of despair. With Gamindustri on the brink of destruction, Nepgear and the Candidates must band together and restore order!


Moving on to the gameplay of Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters Firstly, you move around the map looking for dungeons and breaking fights. Moreover, the battlefield is a circle where turn-based attacks along with items are the main style of play. With combos between the three members of your team, you can perform multiple hits to shut down the enemy. Secondly, you can switch not only between the three characters but also between attack and defense. Accordingly, this helps characters level up easier and faster.
Thirdly, as per usual, Dungeons have multiple floors, and each has many treasures and items to loot. As for the storyline, you follow a particular path down the dungeons to progress more. Accordingly, buy new weapons for your characters, navigate through the map,solve puzzles, and do much more in Neptunia: Sisters VS. Sisters.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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