GTA Online 2 Leaks: What to Expect from GTA 6 Multiplayer

GTA Online 2 Leaks: What to Expect from GTA 6 Multiplayer

GTA Online 2 Leaks: What to Expect from GTA 6 Multiplayer

Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series? Have you been eagerly waiting for the next iteration of the game, GTA 6? While Rockstar, the developers of the game, have not revealed much about the new game except that it is under development, some leaks have given us a sneak peek into what we can expect.

One of the exciting revelations from the leaks is about the multiplayer phase, which will be called GTA Online 2. According to a leaker who specializes in covering Rockstar’s games, the new phase will accompany the launch of GTA 6 and will feature an increased number of players.

Previously, GTA Online allowed up to 30 players to join a session, but the new phase will reportedly allow up to 64 players. This increase in player count will undoubtedly enhance the gaming experience and bring more opportunities for players to interact with each other.

Moreover, the leaker has also shared information about how these players will be distributed across the game’s world. The game will have six main areas, each with its own set of activities and missions, and the player count in each area will vary depending on the activity.

For example, the downtown area will have the highest player count as it will be the hub of all the major activities, while the suburban area will have fewer players as it will have more laid-back activities. This distribution of players will ensure that there is always something to do, and players can choose the kind of experience they want to have.

While we don’t have a launch date yet, these leaks have given us something to look forward to. The increased player count and distribution across different areas will undoubtedly make GTA Online 2 an even more immersive and exciting experience.

Are you excited about GTA Online 2? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6 and its accompanying multiplayer phase.

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