GAMINGDOME - KartRider Rush+ Season 18 Mechanic Update

KartRider Rush+ Season 18 Mechanic Update

KartRider Rush+ Season 18 Mechanic Update

KartRider Rush+ Season 18 Mechanic Update

New Mechanic Update Brings Robotic Racing Fun to KartRider Rush+

Rev your engines, KartRider Rush+ fans, because the Season 18Mechanic” update has arrived! This thrilling update transports players to a cyberpunk world where humans and robots collide in an adrenaline-fueled race. Get ready to meet legendary characters “Robot Bazzi” and “Mechanic Brodi,” and experience the electrifying new circuit “Reckless Refinery (Mine)” with the new legendary item kart “Defenderbot.”

But that’s not all! This season also introduces all new events where players can earn tons of rewards. And we’re not just talking about any rewards, but exciting new additions to the game such as the nimble and fierce “Viper” highlight kart, available at the “Viper Center.” Plus, the new “Collection Room” content allows players to appraise outfit resources to acquire and exchange “Guardian set” parts.

KartRider Rush+ Mechanic Update: New Features and Rewards

Strategize your gameplay with the new “Title Defense Abilities” for each title and earn the “Mechanic Stone Shards” by participating in ranked races from Friday, March 17 until Friday, March 31. You can exchange these shards for amazing prizes like “K-Coin,” “Milk,” “Spiderbot (permanent),” and more.

And if you’re feeling extra lucky, participate in the “Mechanical Heart Aura” event from Friday, March 10 until Friday, March 17, to receive a “Mechanical Heart Aura” by completing quests such as playing five multiplayer races with a soulmate. Stay online for 30 minutes or more from Thursday, March 14 until Friday, March 17 to receive a “Mechanical Heart Driftmoji” as well.

But that’s not all, buckle up and experience new karts and tracks, including the speedy “Eradicator” and treacherous “Dangerous Dock (Factory).” Exciting, right?

To celebrate this incredible update, NEXON has posted a video on their official YouTube channel, showcasing “Robot Bazzi” and “Cyborg Tiera” successfully operating an excavator after they investigate the vehicle’s undercarriage. Additionally, a fascinating collaboration has been teased, with more information to be released later.

So, what are you waiting for? Update your KartRider Rush+ app and join the race in the “Mechanic” universe today!

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