New Challenge Mode in Walking Dead: All-Stars Update

New Challenge Mode in Walking Dead: All-Stars Update


New Challenge Mode in Walking Dead: All-Stars Update

Major Gameplay Upgrades Now Available in The Walking Dead: All-Stars March 2023 Update

 Upgrades Now Available in The Walking Dead: All-Stars
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The March 2023 update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, the popular mobile collection RPG from Com2uS Holdings and Skybound Productions, is now available, offering fans thrilling new features, characters, and events. The update ups the ante in terms of difficulty, providing an exhilarating new Challenge Mode for players to enjoy.

Here are some of the key highlights of the March 2023 update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars:

Challenge Mode is a new feature in which players can face three levels of difficulty and experience white-knuckle combat situations. Successfully completing the challenges will reward players with coveted prizes, including Class-exclusive Special Gear and Enhance Material.

Discover New, Original Characters The Walking Dead:

All-Stars introduces two new survivors to the original narrative set alongside the comic series. Lang is a trained hunter with Warlord alignment and versatile attacks. Deploy Lang in either the front or back row for different stat boosts as he mercilessly targets the single strongest foe. Double down on existing damage with Blaine, a deceptive beauty who wields garden shears to leave grievous wounds on opponents.

Find a New Strategy with Popular Ranks

The game now features a system that allows players to examine the most popular characters used globally, enabling them to see what the community is doing to reshape their strategies for the game’s toughest encounters. Additionally, fully upgraded Overseer and Warlord characters can now be exchanged for a new character of the player’s choice.

A Hidden Character Emerges A new character

Rang, will soon join The Walking Dead: All-Stars in a future story update. Players can catch a sneak peek by searching the forests near Asyl.

Tap into New Power with Benefits Benefits

which unlock additional power for Asyl’s survivors, are now available for all mythical characters and have been added for Warlord characters as well. Players can apply up to nine Benefits to a single character at once.

Limited-Time Events Players can participate in several limited-time events from now until April 3, including the Town Management bingo-style event and the Quench Your Thirst! event board, which offer bountiful rewards for upgrading and collecting characters. The 7-Day Survival Support Event and 14-Day Growth Support Event, starting on March 23, are also available for players to enjoy.

Overall, the March 2023 update for The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a must-play for fans of the game. With new characters, features, and events, players can enjoy a whole new level of post-apocalyptic survival.

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