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Latest FIFA Mobile News and Updates


Latest FIFA Mobile News and Updates

FIFA Mobile Announces Drop in Minimum Prices for 80-110 OVR Players in Response to Fan Criticism

FIFA Mobile recently took to Twitter to announce that they will be dropping the minimum prices for players with 80-110 OVR in the market in the coming days.

Ever since the introduction of the new season from the FIFA Mobile beta, players have complained about the new market system. It has been difficult for players to sell their players in the market due to the minimum values of the cards. The prices did not drop significantly even after the events had ended, causing the players’ progress in collecting coins to halt. Things got worse after the TOTY event went live.

FIFA Mobile will soon drop the minimum prices in the market for players between 80-110 OVRs, which is good news.This change will certainly help alleviate some of the frustration that players have been feeling about the current system. However, it’s important to note that this fix may not be enough to clear out all the cards that players are trying to sell, as many cards have sale orders of 999 or higher.

Many players have suggested having quick sell values for unwanted cards, which would allow them to get rid of them at a cheaper price than the minimum. Additionally, the market tax doesn’t make it any easier for players of FIFA Mobile to purchase top players, and the slow earning of coins doesn’t help newer players pick up the top ones.

A screenshot of the FIFA Mobile home screen.
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We will have to wait and see how this change plays out once it’s implemented. Only then can we get a clearer picture of whether this change is helpful or not.

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