Stumble Guys x NERF: A First-Person Mode for Chaotic Combat

Stumble Guys x NERF: A First-Person Mode for Chaotic Combat

Stumble Guys x NERF: A First-Person Mode for Chaotic Combat

Stumble Guys x NERF: A First-Person Mode to Transform the Game


Stumble Guys, the popular mobile game developed by Kitka Games, has teamed up with NERF to provide players with an exciting new gaming experience. The introduction of a first-person mode allows players to engage in combat using various NERF blasters, adding a new level of challenge to the already chaotic game. In this article, we will explore the new features of the game and what players can expect from this exciting collaboration.

Stumble Guys x NERF
image via Stumble Guys

The New Battlefield: Blaster Base

Stumble Guys players are used to racing to the finish line in a bid to be the last one standing. However, with the introduction of the new NERF-themed terrain, Blaster Base, players can now engage in friendly and competitive combat with one another. The new battlefield provides both experienced and novice players with a fresh perspective and challenge.

Scavenging NERF Blasters

One of the most exciting features of the new Blaster Base is the ability to scavenge various NERF blasters. The game map includes different types of blasters to choose from, allowing players to pick the one that suits their playstyle. Additionally, players can replenish their energy using new boosters scattered around the map.

Shields for Protection

The game now includes a shield so that Stumbler can be more shielded from the arrows of his foe. These shields, which can be found all around the area, give players more defense against other players.

Three Unique NERF Blasters

Players of Stumble Guys can now experience the first-person stumbling mode at their own pace with three unique NERF blasters. The NERF Mega Motostryke blaster provides a powerful, motorized shooting experience, while the NERF Ultra One blaster offers long-range dart blasting. The NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 blaster is perfect for players who prefer a compact and customizable option.

Join the Party

The new Stumble Guys x NERF collaboration provides players with a fresh and exciting gaming experience. The first-person mode, new blasters, and shields add a new level of complexity to the already chaotic game. Players can now join the party and experience the new NERF-themed level in immersive first-person mode.

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