Fortnite x LEGO Crossover: Is It Really Happening?

Fortnite x LEGO Crossover: Everything We Know So Far

Fortnite is a widely popular battle royale game that has taken the gaming industry by storm. It has managed to maintain its popularity with its unique themes and characters, but it’s the collaborations that have made the game even more exciting. The latest collaboration in the works is with LEGO, according to famous Fortnite dataminer ShiinaBR. In this article, we will take a closer look at the details and everything we know so far about the Fortnite x LEGO crossover.

Development of the Collaboration

ShiinaBR revealed on Twitter that the collaboration is already in development and that Epic Games is testing the new version internally with the codename “Dev-JunoStable,” where Juno stands for LEGO. This testing might be to check the stability of this new version as it is already in development.

Release Date

ShiinaBR also claimed that the LEGO collaboration might not arrive anytime soon and could be made available to players in Chapter 4 Season 4. Currently, we are in Chapter 4 Season 2, so it might take some time before we see the collaboration in reality.

LEGO Bricks in Fortnite Creative

There was a previous leak from GMatrixGames on Twitter stating that the collaboration would see the addition of LEGO bricks in the Fortnite Creative platform. They claimed to have seen the addition of LEGO bricks in the database of Unreal Engine. If this leak turns out to be true, players will be able to create whatever they want in the Creative levels.

Speculation and Conclusion

Although there is no official announcement from Epic Games or LEGO regarding this collaboration, ShiinaBR is a trusted leaker with a good track record. Therefore, there is a high chance that this collaboration will become a reality. The Fortnite x LEGO crossover is undoubtedly an exciting prospect for fans of both franchises, and we eagerly await further information from the developers.

Fortnite x LEGO Crossover: Everything We Know So Far
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In conclusion, the collaboration between Fortnite and LEGO is currently in development, and it might take some time before it arrives. However, the inclusion of LEGO bricks in the Fortnite Creative platform is an exciting prospect that players can look forward to. We will keep you updated with any further news on this collaboration.

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