Revolutionizing the Ladder Experience: Card Bans in Clash Royale

Revolutionizing the Ladder Experience: Card Bans in Clash Royale

Revolutionizing the Ladder Experience: Card Bans in Clash Royale

The Potential Impact of Card Bans in Clash Royale’s Ladder Mode


Players of Clash Royale may already be familiar with the concept of card bans in certain tournaments or events. However, there has been recent speculation regarding the implementation of card bans in the regular ladder mode. It has come to light that tests have been conducted on the Chinese Clash Royale test server, which has sparked discussions among the player base. This article will explore the potential impact of card bans in the ladder mode and how it could introduce interesting matchups and increase competitiveness.

The Significance of the Ladder Mode

The ladder mode, also known as the Trophy Road, has been a cornerstone of Clash Royale, providing players with the opportunity to climb the ranks and face opponents of varying difficulty. Traditionally, the ladder mode remains unchanged and relies on the player’s level and skill to gain an advantage over their opponents. However, this recent test server mode has the potential to revolutionize the ladder experience.

Addressing Overpowered Cards in Mid-Ladder

One common complaint among the player base is the frequent use of overpowered cards, particularly in mid-ladder. Many players find themselves locked into using a single deck and lack the skill or confidence to experiment with different strategies. The introduction of card bans in the ladder mode could help alleviate this issue by encouraging players to diversify their decks and explore alternative playstyles.

The Test Server Mode

Twitter user Akina_CR recently revealed the test mode on the Chinese server, where players have the ability to ban specific cards from their opponents’ decks. This strategic feature presents an intriguing challenge for players. For instance, if you are using a log-bait deck, imagine the possibilities of strategically banning the log itself. This not only tests the skills of the opponent but also forces players to identify the weaknesses of their own deck and adapt accordingly.

Community Response and Speculation

The Clash Royale community has expressed great interest in this new test server mode, with discussions taking place on platforms like Reddit. However, it is important to note that we do not yet fully know the details of the implementation. We are currently limiting access to the test server to a select group of creators, and we cannot guarantee that we will officially integrate this feature into the game. Nonetheless, the concept of card bans in the ladder mode has captivated the community’s imagination, leaving players eager to see if it will eventually make its way into Clash Royale.


The potential implementation of card bans in Clash Royale’s ladder mode could have a profound impact on the game’s competitive landscape. By encouraging players to diversify their decks and strategically ban certain cards, the ladder mode could become more dynamic and engaging than ever before. While the test server mode in China is still in its early stages and limited to a select group of creators, it has sparked excitement and speculation within the player base. Only time will tell if card bans will become a permanent feature in Clash Royale, but the concept certainly holds promise for creating interesting matchups and fostering a more competitive environment.

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