Chinese Gaming Companies Invest in AI Technology




Chinese Gaming Companies Embrace AI Technology

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been rapidly growing in the market due to the popularity of software such as ChatGPT. In China, video game companies are now looking to expand their business with AI technology as well.

This approach has led to several Chinese gaming developers and publishers actively recruiting talented individuals and solidifying their investment in Artificial Intelligence Global Company (AIGC) technologies. Gaming giants NetEase and HoYoverse are among the companies looking to expand their AI capabilities.

NetEase, the creator of the popular game Genshin Impact, is gearing up to participate in a new round of funding for Chinese AI chatbot developer MiniMax. In addition, the company announced on February 15, 2023, that they will be incorporating the first game version of ChatGPT ever used in a game. The use of ChatGPT in NetEase’s upcoming MMORPG Justice Online Mobile will help the game to react more logically based on the dialogue option selected.

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another major Chinese gaming company, has already established an AI lab to promote the use of AI in self-developed video games. Tencent’s AI Lab has already used AIGC technology to improve game content in titles such as Honor of Kings.

With the rise of AI in the gaming industry, Chinese video game companies are hiring talent to solidify their investment in AI technology. For example, TapTap is paying interns up to 500 yuan (US$73) per day for individuals with a solid foundation in machine learning (ML) systems and AI algorithms. Meanwhile, Giant Network, a company based in Shanghai, is offering a salary of up to 1.1 million yuan (US$150K) per year for the leader of its AI team.

However, the use of AI technology in the gaming industry has sparked concern over the security of creator jobs. While these new technologies excite senior management, they may pose a threat to certain areas of gaming talent. It is essential to address this issue to ensure the security of creator jobs.

In conclusion, the incorporation of AI technology in the gaming industry has been gaining momentum in China, with companies such as NetEase and Tencent already incorporating AI technology into their games. Gaming companies are hiring talented individuals to invest in AI technology, which may potentially threaten certain areas of gaming talent. As the use of AI in the gaming industry continues to grow, it is important to ensure that the security of creator jobs is not compromised.

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