Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black Skin Rumored

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black Skin Rumored

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black Skin Rumored

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super Collaboration Rumors: Will Goku Black Variant Skin be Coming to the Game?

Fortnite has become known for its exciting collaborations with various franchises, and Dragon Ball is one of the most popular franchises to have joined forces with the game. With the previous collaborations having been a huge success, rumors are now circulating that Dragon Ball Super might be coming back to Fortnite for the third time, bringing with it the highly-anticipated Goku Black variant skin.


Fortnite has built a massive fanbase thanks to its collaborations with various franchises, and one of the most popular among them is Dragon Ball. Fans of the game eagerly await every new season for news of new collaborations with their favorite franchises, which often include skins, themed weapons, and other exciting content. Last August and December, Dragon Ball collaborated with Epic Games’ battle royale, and now new leaks suggest that Dragon Ball Super may be returning to Fortnite for a third round of collaboration.

The Leaks

GMatrixGames, a popular Fortnite data miner, has discovered game files labeled “DualParadox” that contain textures from the most recent update on May 7, 2023. While these textures may not be recognizable to the average viewer, other popular leakers such as ShiinaBR and HYPEX have backed up the claim that the popular Goku Black variant from Dragon Ball Super will be making its way to Fortnite.

The Unique Design

The new skin is said to be a completely different model from Son Goku, who was added to the game last August. This means that the skin will not just be an alternate style of an already existing skin like the Super Saiyan forms, but will have its own unique design. This news has fans of both Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super excited for what’s to come.

The Release Date

HYPEX, a data miner, reports that they may release the Goku Black variant skin on May 9, 2023. The release of this skin on Goku Day in Japan is noteworthy as it celebrates anime’s cultural impact on the country. Releasing one of Goku’s black variant skins on this day would be appropriate to honor his legacy.

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