Streetball2: On Fire - The Ultimate 3v3 Basketball Game

Streetball2: On Fire – The Ultimate 3v3 Basketball Game

Streetball2: On Fire – The Ultimate 3v3 Basketball Game

Streetball2: On Fire – The Ultimate 3v3 Basketball Game

If you are a basketball fan and looking for a new mobile game to play, then Streetball2: On Fire is the game for you. Developed by LMD Games, this new 3v3 real-time basketball game has officially launched in North America and Canada. With its unique features and competitive gameplay, it promises to be an exciting addition to the world of mobile gaming. In this article, we will explore the game in detail and find out why it’s the ultimate 3v3 basketball game.

The Versatile Lineup of Players

Streetball2 offers a versatile lineup featuring unique players. The game features its own unique set of lineups for players to choose their character from. Players can choose and mix from five basketball positions as they like. A selection is available from a wide range of players from different countries who are waiting for your selection. The roster of players available in the game is made fully customizable with players able to customize the looks and the abilities of the players. Customize the abilities and personalities of your players, and create your own exclusive player according to your preferences.

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Realistic 3D Modeling

The game is developed based on the latest technology in 3D modeling, making every match more realistic and interactive to give players a better experience. You will feel like you’re playing on a real basketball court with real players. The graphics are stunning and the attention to detail is impressive. You can even see the sweat on the players’ faces as they battle it out on the court.

Multiple Game Modes

Streetball2: On Fire offers multiple game modes for players to choose from and challenge themselves against. Whether you want to play a quick match or participate in a tournament, there’s something for everyone. With embedded competitive experiences and a variety of game modes, the schedule is constantly changing, making each game full of passion and freshness.

Smooth Controls and Dazzling Moves

Developers have made extra efforts to give importance to the graphics and improve the overall gameplay of the game (Streetball2: On Fire). The controls are silky smooth, and the dazzling moves flow like water, making every game a seamless experience without lag. With innovative anti-hack technology, developers strongly oppose cheating and this makes the players with no option other than to use their natural skills in succeeding to win the game.

Social Media and App Store Access

Interested fans in selected regions can follow the official Facebook page of the game and access the game via Google Play and Apple Store for Android and iOS respectively. This makes it easy for players to stay updated with the latest news, promotions, and events related to the game. With millions of downloads and positive reviews, it’s clear that Streetball2: On Fire is a game that players love to play.


In conclusion, Streetball2: On Fire is the ultimate 3v3 basketball game that every basketball fan should try. With its versatile lineup, realistic 3D modeling, multiple game modes, smooth controls, and innovative anti-hack technology, it promises to deliver an exciting and engaging gaming experience. So, download the game today and start showcasing your superior basketball skills, unique personal fashion, and free DIY exclusive basketball court gameplay. Make every moment your own and dominate the court like a true basketball champion.

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