Protect Your Honkai Star Rail Account: Avoid Bans

Protect Your Honkai Star Rail Account: Avoid Bans

How to Avoid Getting Your Account Banned in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail recently implemented a ban wave, suspending accounts of players who may have violated the game’s terms and conditions. The bans caught many players off guard, and some players even blamed the new HoYoverse game system, alleging that they had been randomly banned. In response, a Reddit post emerged where players discussed the potential reasons and causes behind these account suspensions.

Reroll Accounts Getting Banned

Numerous players have voiced their complaints regarding their reroll accounts, and some have even had their main accounts suspended due to “Security Risk” concerns. HoYoverse did not provide any official announcement regarding the sudden ban wave. However, players who had recently created reroll accounts found themselves facing suspension for similar reasons.

Seeking assistance, a multitude of players turned to HoYoverse’s Customer Support. However, there is no information yet on whether anyone successfully recovered their account after the ban wave. Speculations have arisen regarding Honkai: Star Rail’s Security System and how it identifies and suspends suspicious accounts. According to some, the use of an email that was recently involved in rerolling and has been bound to multiple accounts may trigger the system’s suspicion.

Honkai Star Rail Ban Wave

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A Facebook post shared by a member of a certain Philippines Honkai Star Rail Group shed light on the issue. The person claimed their account was banned without any specific reason, asserting that they had done nothing wrong.

Numerous players also commented on this post, discussing the matter within the community. Rumors suggested that some accounts originated from Buy and Sell Groups, which had gained popularity before the official release of the game. We strongly advise avoiding the purchase of accounts from third parties and strictly following the game’s terms and conditions to prevent such problems.

Honkai Star Rail Ban Comments

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How to Avoid GettingYour Account Banned in Honkai Star Rail

1. Avoid binding your account to multiple emails

Your account’s email is crucial for HoYoverse to verify ownership. It is advisable to stick to a single email from the moment you create your account. Maintaining consistency in your email helps establish a clear account ownership history, minimizing confusion for HoYoverse.

2. Stick to one IP Address while playing

HoYoverse also employs IP Address tracking as a security measure. Playing consistently from a single IP Address helps establish the ownership and security of your account. Using your personal IP Address whenever possible enhances the safety of your account and reduces the likelihood of being banned, although there may be instances where you need to use different IP Addresses.

3. Refrain from exploiting glitches

Glitches are a common occurrence in many games, and Honkai Star Rail is no exception. When encountering glitches, exercise caution and avoid taking advantage of them. Instead, promptly report any glitches to HoYoverse, enabling them to address the issue swiftly.

4. Avoid using Profile and Bio Font Color Changer

A popular post circulated about changing the color of players’ profiles and bios by using special codes. This involved inserting HTML tags, allowing users to apply strikethroughs, underlines, and even alter the font color using hex values.

Modifying properties that were not intended to be changed poses a significant risk to your account. HoYoverse has warned players against using this feature, as it undermines security measures. The in-game profanity filter no longer supports this type of customization due to the associated security concerns.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to safeguard your account to avoid the repercussions of bans, as account recovery can be extremely challenging. Always adhere to the game’s terms and conditions and refrain from engaging in illicit activities such as buying and selling accounts or excessive rerolling. Maintain a clean account and steer clear of any suspicious activities. HoYoverse maintains strict security measures and conducts thorough account ownership verification. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and safety of your Honkai Star Rail account.

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