Mobile Legends Leaks: 10-Ban Draft & Role Queue Preview

Mobile Legends Leaks: 10-Ban Draft & Role Queue Preview

Mobile Legends Leaks: 10-Ban Draft & Role Queue Preview

Mobile Legends Leaks: Introducing the 10-Ban Draft System and Role Queue Preview

Draft picking has always been a significant feature for players in higher ranks, such as Legend, Mythic, Mythical Honor, and even Mythical Glory rank divisions. This feature allows players to strategically ban selected heroes, particularly the ones considered overpowered and capable of tipping the scales in battles. In this Mobile Legends leak preview, we will delve into the intended features of the 10-ban draft system in the Mythic rank, as well as the Role Queue system.

The Evolution of Draft Systems in Mobile Legends

Players who have reached the Legend rank and above are already familiar with the existing 3-ban system. This system allows each team to ban three heroes, resulting in a total of six banned heroes in a match. However, there have been instances where players skipped their bans due to various reasons, including mistakes or negative troll match behavior.

A Sneak Peek into the 10-Ban Draft System

Leaked information suggests that each team will now have the ability to ban up to five heroes, resulting in a total of 10 banned heroes from the current pool of 117 heroes available in the game. This expanded ban system closely resembles the draft format used in Mobile Legends Professional Tournaments, where players have the opportunity to ban 10 heroes.

It is expected that this significant change will be implemented in the second half of the year 2023, possibly as early as July. Players can anticipate an exciting shift in the meta with the introduction of the 10-ban draft system. This new system might coincide with the release of the highly anticipated New Emblem system, which has also been leaked to be launching soon.

Role Queue: The Missing Piece?

While the 10-ban draft system is creating a buzz among Mobile Legends players, the leaked information suggests that MOONTON, the game developer, currently has no plans to introduce the Role Queue system in ranked matches.


The Role Queue system assigns fixed roles to each player in every match. This means that each team must have a Tank hero, two carry heroes (Jungler + Marksman), a Fighter role hero, and a Mage role hero. Implementing the Role Queue system would help deter intentional role trolls who disrupt team composition by choosing multiple marksmen or other unconventional formations. However, it is important to note that MOONTON has no immediate plans to introduce this system.

The Future of Mobile Legends

As Mobile Legends continues to evolve and adapt to the needs and preferences of its player base, the leaks surrounding the 10-ban draft system and the absence of the Role Queue system have stirred excitement and discussions within the community. Players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of these features and the potential impact they will have on the competitive landscape of the game.

As we approach the second half of 2023, Mobile Legends players can look forward to a dynamic and engaging experience with the introduction of the 10-ban draft system. The ability to strategically ban heroes will add an additional layer of complexity to the game, encouraging players to carefully consider their draft picks and adapt their strategies accordingly.

While the Role Queue system may not be on the immediate horizon, the community remains hopeful that MOONTON will consider its implementation in the future. Such a system would undoubtedly enhance the ranked experience by promoting balanced team compositions and discouraging disruptive troll behaviors.

In conclusion, Mobile Legends players have exciting updates to anticipate in the coming months. The leaked information about the 10-ban draft system and the Role Queue system has generated considerable anticipation and speculation. Whether it’s the expanded hero bans or the possibility of fixed roles, these changes have the potential to elevate the competitive gameplay and strategic depth of Mobile Legends, ensuring a thrilling experience for players worldwide.

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