Esports Unveils Solidified BGMI Roster with Fierce and Apollo

Esports Unveils Solidified BGMI Roster with Fierce and Apollo

Esports Unveils Solidified BGMI Roster with Fierce and Apollo

Revenant Esports Announces Finalized BGMI Roster with Fierce and Apollo


Revenant Esports, a rising esports organization in Asia, has recently solidified its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team with the addition of two talented players, Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandar and Nishant “Apollo.” With the arrival of Fierce and Apollo, Revenant Esports’ BGMI roster is now complete and ready to make its mark in the competitive gaming scene. In this article, we will explore the backgrounds of these accomplished players and the aspirations of Revenant Esports as they venture into the highly popular world of BGMI.

Fierce: A Seasoned Competitor in BGMI

Fierce, a prominent figure in the BGMI community, boasts an impressive career in professional gaming dating back to 2021. Despite the suspension of BGMI, Fierce kept his competitive spirit alive by participating in New State Mobile. In April 2023, he achieved remarkable success by emerging victorious in the Battle Adda – New State tournament. Now, fully prepared to represent Revenant Esports in BGMI, Fierce brings his expertise and dedication to the team, aiming to achieve even greater triumphs.

Apollo: A Veteran Player with a Strong Track Record

Joining Fierce on Revenant Esports’ BGMI roster is Apollo, another seasoned player who has been actively competing in the game since 2021. Apollo’s talent and skill have been recognized through his previous affiliations with renowned teams such as ORB Hustlers and Rivalry Esports. Notably, he was a member of Nigma Galaxy, where he celebrated victory in the Rooter Invitational Series 2022. With such an impressive background, Apollo adds significant firepower to Revenant Esports’ BGMI lineup.

The Complete Revenant Esports BGMI Roster

Revenant Esports has assembled a formidable lineup for BGMI, featuring a blend of experienced and promising players. The complete roster now consists of:

  1. Sensei
  2. MJ
  3. Fierce
  4. Apollo

With this roster, Revenant Esports aims to establish their dominance in the highly competitive BGMI scene and capture numerous accolades.

Revenant Esports’ Ambitions in BGMI

Rohit Jagasia, the Founder and CEO of Revenant Esports, expressed his enthusiasm for the new BGMI lineup. He stated, “The unveiling of our complete BGMI lineup fills us with immense excitement. Battlegrounds Mobile India continues to be the most popular esports title in India, and we, at Revenant, are eager to replicate the success we have achieved with our other lineups in this game as well.”

Revenant Esports’ determination and ambition are evident as they prepare to participate in the upcoming Skyesports Champions Series (SCS). This tournament will pit them against the top players in India, with a staggering Rs. 25,000,000 prize pool up for grabs. Revenant Esports sees this as an opportunity to showcase their skill, strategic prowess, and teamwork in BGMI.


Revenant Esports has solidified its BGMI roster by welcoming Fierce and Apollo, two seasoned players, to their team. With their extensive experience and notable achievements in the gaming community, Fierce and Apollo are poised to contribute significantly to Revenant Esports’ success in BGMI. The organization, led by the enthusiastic Founder and CEO Rohit Jagasia, is eager to make its mark in the highly popular esports title, Battlegrounds Mobile India. As they prepare to compete in the Skyesports Champions Series, the team aims to

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