Exciting Events Await in Blade & Soul Revolution's June 2023

Exciting Events Await in Blade & Soul Revolution’s June 2023

Exciting Events Await in Blade & Soul Revolution’s June 2023

Blade & Soul Revolution June 2023 Update: New Dungeons, PvP Enhancements, and Exciting Events


The open-world mobile RPG Blade & Soul Revolution, developed and published by Netmarble, has recently received its highly anticipated June 2023 update. As a proficient SEO writer, I am here to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the new features and improvements introduced in this update. From new dungeons and enhanced PvP mechanics to thrilling in-game events, players have a lot to look forward to. Let’s delve into the exciting world of Blade & Soul Revolution!

New Training Area: Skyforest Plateau

One of the significant additions in the June 2023 update is the introduction of a new training area called the Skyforest Plateau. This expansive region offers players the opportunity to hunt monsters at higher levels, allowing them to gain more experience, utilize additional stamina, and level up their characters more quickly. The Skyforest Plateau serves as a challenging yet rewarding environment for players to test their skills and progress in the game.

Enhanced PvP Mechanics on Chained Island

To enhance the player experience in PvP battles, the June update brings several improvements to the PvP system, specifically on Chained Island. Netmarble has lowered the minimum player requirement for matchmaking, making it easier for players to find opponents and engage in thrilling PvP encounters. Additionally, the playtime for PvP matches has been shortened to lessen player fatigue, ensuring that battles remain fast-paced and action-packed.

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Hongmoon Aura Phase Expansion: New Tiers and Potential Enhancement

Blade & Soul Revolution’s June 2023 update introduces the Hongmoon Aura Phase Expansion, which adds exciting content for players to enjoy. Three new additions have been made to the game: Battleheart, Tier of Zenith, and Fury of Hongmoon Aura. These expansions bring thrilling new quests, challenges, and rewards for players to explore. Additionally, the number of tiers for Potential Enhancement has been increased to 5, allowing players to further enhance their characters’ abilities and unlock their full potential.

Radiant Legendary Hunt and Ancient Equipment

A recently launched feature called the Radiant Legendary Hunt has made its way into Blade & Soul Revolution. This new type of hunt offers players the opportunity to obtain stronger stats and special possibilities for their characters. Moreover, the update introduces the concept of “Blessing,” which players can utilize to produce Ancient Equipment. This powerful gear provides additional advantages in battles and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

Exciting In-Game Events

To celebrate the June 2023 update, Netmarble has introduced several captivating in-game events that offer players unique rewards and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of these events:

Fireworks Arena Competition

Engage in the Fireworks Arena Competition to test your skills against other players. By participating in this event, you have the chance to obtain the Revolution Summoning Chest, which contains valuable rewards such as Ancient Weapons, Accessory Designs, Radiant Legendary Weapons/Accessories, and more. Show off your prowess and claim these coveted prizes!

Fireworks Daily Prayer

Completing daily missions, such as clearing dungeons, will earn you Flame Festival Chests and Wishing Flames. You can exchange these items for various rewards, which adds an extra layer of excitement and progression to your gameplay experience. Don’t miss out on the Fireworks Daily Prayer event and reap the rewards!

Altar of Prayers

Once you have crafted a Flame Festival Chest, you can use it at the Altar of Prayers to earn Wishing Flames and Flame Fragments. These valuable resources can be used to unlock further rewards and enhance your character’s capabilities. Make the most of the Altar of Prayers event and propel your journey to new heights!


Blade & Soul Revolution’s June 2023 update brings an array of exciting features, including a new training area, enhanced PvP mechanics, the Hongmoon Aura Phase Expansion, Radiant Legendary Hunt, and engaging in-game events. Netmarble continues to impress players with its dedication to delivering top-notch content and enriching the overall gaming experience. Step into the Eastern fantasy world of Blade & Soul Revolution and embark on a thrilling adventure like no other!

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