Rock and Roll into Fun: Eggy Party's Exciting SEA Seasonal Event

Rock and Roll into Fun: Eggy Party’s Exciting SEA Seasonal Event

Rock and Roll into Fun: Eggy Party’s Exciting SEA Seasonal Event

Eggy Party Takes the SEA Region by Storm: New Features and Rewards Await!

The gaming world is abuzz with excitement as Eggy Party announces its availability in the SEA region. Gamers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English-speaking regions can now dive into this captivating virtual world. What’s more, those who had the foresight to pre-register for the game are in for a treat, with exclusive rewards and the chance to participate in the game’s newest Rock and Roll seasonal event right from day one. In this article, we’ll explore all the thrilling details of Eggy Party’s grand entrance into the SEA region.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Before we delve into the exciting new features of Eggy Party’s SEA launch, let’s take a closer look at the fantastic rewards awaiting those who pre-registered for the game. These rewards are distributed based on the number of eager gamers who signed up:

Bottle Cap: 4000 Pre-Registrants

For the early birds who pre-registered, 4000 Bottle Caps are up for grabs. These valuable in-game items can be a game-changer.

50 Fashion Badges: 20,000 Pre-Registrants

Want to style up your Eggies? With 50 Fashion Badges, you’ll have endless possibilities to personalize your characters.

Limited Edition Outfit: 40,000 Pre-Registrants

Exclusive outfits are reserved for the 40,000 fortunate souls who pre-registered. Show off your unique style!

Limited Edition Avatar Name Frame: 80,000 Pre-Registrants

Let everyone know you were there from the beginning with the Limited Edition Avatar Name Frame, available to 80,000 pre-registrants.

10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draws: 200,000 Pre-Registrants

For the luckiest among the pre-registrants, 10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draws await. Who knows what treasures lie within?

Rock and Roll Seasonal Event

Image via NetEase

Now that we’ve covered the pre-registration goodies, let’s get into the heart of Eggy Party’s SEA debut—the Rock and Roll seasonal event. This event introduces fresh content and promises endless hours of entertainment for players in the SEA region.

The Rock and Roll seasonal event welcomes new players with open arms, offering them the opportunity to explore seven exciting new maps. These maps include titles like “Just Dance,” “Music Box,” “Sonic Sprint,” and “Feel the Beat,” among others.

By participating in these maps, gamers can engage in the Rock Roll Season Activity Tasks, where they can earn coveted Music Notes. Use your hard-earned Rock Coins to purchase a wide range of outfits and accessories, including the stylish “Top Hits Kids” and the trendy “Music Player.”

Furthermore, players who decide to top-up their accounts during the Rock and Roll season will be entitled to top-up benefits. This means you could claim up to 66 Shining Coins, enhancing your gaming experience even further. As if that weren’t enough, any top-up made during the Rock and Roll event period will also grant you the coveted Cowie outfit and the fun-filled Waacking action.

Abundant Rewards and Unlockables

Eggy Party’s Rock and Roll Seasonal event is not just about gameplay—it’s also about reaping incredible rewards and unlocking exciting features. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

Rock and Roll Season Mystery Box

Get ready to spin the wheel and win amazing outfits for your Eggies, such as Obsidian – Main Vocalist, Carol – the Guitarist, and the Robo-Drummer.

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