Marvel Snap Unveils Spider-Ham: A Fresh Twist in the Game

Marvel Snap Unveils Spider-Ham: A Fresh Twist in the Game

Marvel Snap Unveils Spider-Ham: A Fresh Twist in the Game

Spider-Ham: The Pig-Turned-Spider Hero of Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap continues to amaze fans with an incredible lineup of Spider-Man variants from different universes, and this season is no exception. Among the fascinating cards swinging their way into the Snapverse, we have the highly anticipated Spider-Ham. This variant of Spider-Man is not your typical human hero; instead, he’s a heroic pig with remarkable combat skills. In this article, we will delve into Spider-Ham’s powers and abilities and explore how he can make an impact in the game.

Introducing Spider-Ham, the Series 4 Card in Marvel Snap

During the season announcement, Marvel Snap revealed that Spider-Ham would be part of the Series 4 collection, with Silk being the sole Series 5 card. To acquire Spider-Ham, players must reach a Collection Level of 486 or higher. Once they have reached this milestone, they can obtain the card through the Collection Cache feature. Spider-Ham is an excellent choice for players on a budget, making him particularly useful at the start of a match.

Unveiling Spider-Ham’s Powers

Spider-Ham comes with a cost of 1 and a power of 1, making him an accessible card to add to your deck. What sets Spider-Ham apart is his unique “On Reveal” ability, which allows him to transform the highest-cost card in your opponent’s hand into a pig, while maintaining its original power and cost. This ability adds a touch of trickery to the game, but it may not have a significant impact as a game-changer.

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Marvel Snap Spider-Ham’s Performance

With a win rate of 53% and a Cube rate of 0.26, Spider-Ham proves to be a reliable addition to any deck. Although Spider-Ham has other variants, players will have to wait for future updates to unlock them.

How to Obtain the Spider-Ham Card in Marvel Snap

To add Spider-Ham to your collection, you’ll need to reach a Collection Level of 486 or higher. As you accumulate Collection Points, you will unlock Collection Caches. Opening these caches will grant you the opportunity to obtain the Spider-Ham card.

Final Thoughts on Spider-Ham in Marvel Snap

Spider-Ham may not possess extraordinary abilities, but his unique power can provide players with an advantage early in the game. Aim to accumulate more Collection Level points to open your Collection Cache and unleash this small yet cunning hero into your deck.

In conclusion, Spider-Ham brings a fresh twist to the Marvel Snap universe as a pig-turned-hero with unconventional combat skills. With his ability to transform high-cost cards into pigs, Spider-Ham adds an element of surprise to the game. If you’re a fan of Spider-Man and enjoy strategic gameplay, make sure to collect enough points to unlock Spider-Ham in Marvel Snap and witness the chaos unfold!

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