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Tactics Ogre Reborn

Tactics Ogre Reborn

New Upcoming tactical role-playing game of 2022!

Tactics Ogre Reborn

First look on Tactics Ogre Reborn

Tactics Ogre Reborn is a tactical RPG game initially released for the PlayStation. Coming out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam on the 13th of November of this year.


The story of tactics ogre reborn takes place in the Valerian Isles where the death of the king triggers a civil war between 3 factions. The protagonist we play as, is the young man Denam. Caught in the political schemes, his decisions will drastically change the future of his realm


Moving on to the gameplay. Firstly, in Tactics Ogre Reborn. The class wide management is now a unit-by-unit level system, as you can craft multiple and endless combinations of classes, equipment’s, skills and magic. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a quicker pace of battles as well. Secondly, the autosave and the overhaul to the controls in UI make it easier to get back in the game more than before. Accordingly, developers recreated details of characters and those of the environment in high definition and the sounds from voice lines to background music were re-recorded with live performances. This brings a while new vibe to the game’s characters and the story.
Thirdly, after progressing in Tactics Ogre Reborn, you unlock ‘ the world tarot’. This feature enables you to travel back in the story with your forces intact. Now as we mentioned before, your decisions and action make a difference in the future of this world. Therefore, you can always experience what different choices would play out/ lead to in the future. Fourthly, there’s is this new feature that’s super important in Tactics Ogre Reborn. Rewind, you can now rewind to a certain number of moves during battle. And in a game of tactical battle this will dramatically help fix your mistakes and misplays to lead you to a perfect victory.
Finally, take note that buying the PS4 version of this game gives you a digital version of it on the ps5 at no cost. Making it easier for those who switch from a console to the next gen console.
For visual gameplay and details checkout this video
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