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Atomic Heart

Atomic heart

Upcoming first-person RPG combat game!

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart First look

Atomic Heart is basically a first-person RPG game with a touch of FPS combat style. Coming out in late 2022 for Xbox Game Pass and hopefully for PC too,

Atomic Heart: Game story

As the protagonist of Atomic Heart story, The special duty kgb officer codenamed P-3 is sent to investigate and restore order in the facility 3826 during a malfunction in the systematic robot control.
The robot’s duty in this facility is to serve the Soviet society and citizens on a daily basis during the ’30s and ’60s.In this alternate universe. Internet, holograms and robots already exist.
Robots were created to assist in the home, agriculture, and other mundane tasks. Tough, they start to rebel and get out of control. And since the government sent you, it’s your job to deal with the chaos and bring the mess to an end.


The best part about Atomic Heart is the variety of weapons. In the trailers published by the developers, we see that the main character uses multiple weapons, most of them pieced together from scratch. such as a Railgun (an electromagnetic shockwave gun), axes, guns, and most importantly, his left hand, which has multiple abilities like freezing, lightning, moving around/throwing objects or robots all over the place, controlling robots with some sort of cables, and many more to uncover.


Moving on to the most important side of the game. You’re going to face many categories of robots in Atomic Heart such as Belyash the large robot used for installation works, carrying and welding tools. Rabotnik which is a husbandry robot that works as a shepherd. Rafik, the automatic assistant responsible for technical activities like maintenance and production and many others.

Thats about it. For more gameplay details check this video.
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