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9 years of Shadows

9 years of Shadows

Upcoming single player Pc game!

9 years of Shadows

First look on 9 years of shadows

9 years of Shadows is a new single player action-adventure game coming on Pc in December 31 of this year.


In the depths of Talos castle, take on the role of Europa and discover the halls of the city. In a world full of sunshine, rainbows and happiness the people of this world face a curse. Submerged in 9 years of Shadows, robbed from every color. However, this civilisation lost its joy with each time the brave souls fail to release them from this Curse. As Europa and her companion Apino. You undoubtedly take matter into your hand, discover the suffering and truth about these people. Get over obstacles and help each other to overcome this curse and free the people.


Firstly in 9 years of Shadows. On a journey where you meet memorable characters and find remnants of ancient civilisations. Enjoy the music while playing the game as the music notes help you improve abilities. Make sure to perform quests and decode the enemy attack patterns trough music. And surely just like Tengen from demon slayer anime cut through enemies and make it to victory. You’ll also face many foes on your way to destiny, be sure so synch with Apino and join forces. By all means do whatever is necessary to win against the creatures that lurk in shadows.
Use the powers of Poseidon, Gaia, and Helios to solve puzzles and gain accessibility to new places and dungeons. Defeat new bosses in 9 years of Shadows and explore the stunning pixel art world. With its many characters, the structure of ancient people. Unique style and painting await brave ones who face all challenges and survive trough them. Finally, the more you explore the map the more treasures you find, secrets you discover and collectibles for you to gather.

For gameplay details check out this video.
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