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Starfield : upcoming RPG game!


First look

Starfield is an RPG role-playing game which can be played in both first and third person. Earlier Set for release on November 11, 2022, it is now coming in 2023 on PC and Xbox (Xbox game pass).

Story of Starfield

Starfield takes place in 2330, when the Freestar Collective: “The Space Western Fantasy” is formed. As a member of an organization that accommodates space travelers that are exploring the so-called settled systems.


Firstly, you’re free. By all means, you’re free to go wherever you want without restrictions. It’s all up to you whether to join or side with a faction. However, your decision will play out differently from other players’, as there are multiple scenarios for you to discover each time you play the game. Be ready for the consequences of your choices!
Like we mentioned before, Starfield is both playable in first and third-person styles. As stated by the creative director, Starfield is 100% in space. He confirmed that the game has over 100 systems on a thousand planets. All you have to do is take your ship and discover them one by one.
As the teaser of Starfield shows, players have 4 different weapons for now, but free slots are there, so it’s possible to see more weapons. Thus, resource management, weapon, gear, and suit customization are a thing in this game as well. Looting corpses and gaining experience points exist as well as cases for you to unlock to make use of the loot inside.
One of the best aspects of the game is the ability to create your own character however you want. You can modify your physical appearance, combat skills, and stats. Unlocking new skills and upgrading them is a fun thing to experience too.

For more gameplay details check out this Video.
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