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COD Modern warfare 2

COD Modern warfare 2

New sequel of Cod modern warfare?!

COD Modern warfare 2

COD Modern warfare 2 First look

Call of Duty is one of the most famous first-person shooter games out there. We are going to discuss the COD Modern Warfare 2 series of action games, which started as a WW2 shooter perspective. It is scheduled to be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 28.


Firstly, the story of Modern Warfare begins in 2019 in Urzikstan. In an organisation founded by Omar called “al-Qatala”, which means “killers”, in response to the Russian occupation of their land. They commit several acts of terrorism and kill innocent civilians and innocents. 
The CIA agent, Late Laswell, sent agents along with the US marines to investigate. Many events take place in London, the US, and Russia to eventually find Omar and escort him back to the US. Only to be saved by “the Butcher,” Omar’s friend leading his forces.

… Check this video for the full story of Modern warfare.


Accordingly, one of the most features in this new sequel of Cod Modern Warfare 2 is movement. Sliding is now part of the game as well as the Dolphine dive mechanic.
They also added a mechanic similar to a ledge hang similar to the one of the previous part. Where you hang on a ledge and shoot over it.
Since Modern warfare in 2019 saw the addition of new features of weapons. this new sequel has a couple updates as well.
Attachments to your gun will now affect your character. Making it heavier supresses recoil and makes the weapon more stable while you lose movement speed.
With all these changes coming up, we should expect map adjustments as well. Especially with this ledge hang mechanic, we expect more vertical grounds and buildings in the game.
For the full details on the Multiplayer gameplay check out this video.
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