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Black Myth Wukong

Black Myth Wukong

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Black Myth Wukong

The Black Myth Wukong game we are about to discuss is the Chinese myth also known as the Monkey King. This game is based on Journey to the West, a Chinese classic novel published in the 16th century. Tough, Black Myth has a deeper devotion to showing the true callers of this novel.

Black Myth Wukong story focuses on the mythological and magical battles and creatures we meet along the journey. The main character for this game is obviously Wukong. The Monkey has flashy amazing abilities like transforming into other creatures while the game’s narrative takes place around Western Asia.

Most of you were astonished by the Black Myth Wukong combat style and movements, along with the visuals. This game is an action-adventure RPG with similar gameplay to that of Dark Souls. Despite the fact that your only arm is an iron staff that changes size at Wukong’s command. 

If you’re familiar with the God of High School anime, a similar thing happens when Jin Mori, the main protagonist of the story, uses his staff called “nyoibo“. He commands it to shrink or grow bigger at will(for visual details, check this video). Anyway, the staff is a big help to Wukong as it has both offensive and defensive capacities, from damaging enemies to nullifying their attacks and abilities. You can also enhance the staff with elemental magic such as fire to make your staff stronger. You can also create multiple shadow clones of yourself that’ll fight until destroyed, or use defensive skills such as spinning your iron staff to redirect attacks. “There are 72 abilities in the game,” said Daniel Ahmad, who translated many interviews on Twitter.

As for enemies, Wukong fights against all kinds of monsters, such as foxes, tigers, and giant white wolves. He travels between each mission as a cicada, using plants or with his cloud called somersault, kinto un in Japanese.

For more details check this video.
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