Seven Six: NetEase's New Anime-Themed Action RPG

Seven Six: NetEase’s New Anime-Themed Action RPG

Seven Six: NetEase’s New Anime-Themed Action RPG

Seven Six: NetEase’s New Action RPG Mobile Game with an Anime Twist

NetEase has recently launched a new mobile game titled Seven Six, an action RPG that offers players an anime-themed world to explore while solving puzzles and tackling various adventures on their way. The game allows players to explore the open world from a graffiti art-style perspective, adding a unique and creative twist to the gaming experience.

The Open-World Experience

Seven Six offers a vast open world for players to explore, with the added bonus of being able to hover on top of their skateboards. The game promises great adventures and mysteries to discover, with a variety of puzzles to solve that will keep players on their toes.

A Mix of Genres

The unique blend of genres incorporated by the developers into Seven Six is what sets the game apart. As seen in the concept trailer, the classic Chinese setting has been mixed with a graffiti art-style anime game sequence, resulting in a visually appealing and distinctive look that is bound to capture the attention of fans.

Pre-Registration is Now Open

At the moment, not much is known about the game or what fans can expect from it. However, it’s clear that both anime and skateboard lovers will be able to enjoy this title. The game is now officially available for the pre-registration process, which players can access through the official website.

Pre-Registration is Now Open
Image via NetEase

Seven Six Available on Android and iOS

Seven Six will be available on both Android and iOS once it’s released. For now, players should join the pre-registration process to stay updated on when the game will be available for download.

In conclusion, Seven Six is an exciting addition to NetEase’s roster of mobile games. With its unique blend of genres and visually stunning graphics, players can expect an unforgettable gaming experience. Pre-register now to join the adventure and discover the mysteries that await in this anime-themed world.

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