Fortnite x Star Wars: Epic Games' Massive Collaboration

Fortnite x Star Wars: Epic Games’ Massive Collaboration

Fortnite x Star Wars: Epic Games’ Massive Collaboration

Fortnite x Star Wars Crossover: Epic Games Announces Massive Collaboration

Fortnite has become known for its collaborations with various franchises, bringing new cosmetics, skins, weapons, and themes to the popular battle royale game. With the recent Attack on Titan collaboration, fans were able to enjoy playing as their favourite characters such as Mikasa, Eren Jaeger, and Captain Levi. However, with the latest update, Epic Games has announced a massive Star Wars collaboration event in Fortnite, starting from May 2, 2023. In this article, we will delve into what fans can expect from the Fortnite x Star Wars crossover event.

The Announcement

Epic Games announced the collaboration via a tweet that showed Anakin Skywalker brandishing his recognizable lightsaber. As expected, fans went wild with excitement. However, the announcement was quickly followed by leaks from the datamining community, revealing more details about the event.

Mythic Weapons and Numerous Skins

According to data miners like HYPEX, the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration will feature “Mythic Weapons, Numerous Skins, and Force Mythics.” Fans have already experienced playing with Kamehamehas from Dragon Ball Z and Smashes from My Hero Academia in Fortnite’s recent collaborations. This suggests that a substantial Force experience could be coming soon to the game.

Anakin Skywalker Skin and More

In addition to the announcement of Mythic Weapons and Numerous Skins, the collaboration will also feature an Anakin Skywalker skin and a blue lightsaber harvesting tool floating over Anakin. Fans can only hope that the Venator-class Star Destroyers will become interactable vehicles on the map.

Collaboration Benefits Both Fortnite and Star Wars

The Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration benefits both franchises. With the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, this collaboration will help to capitalize on the catchy wordplay and attract new players to both Fortnite and Star Wars.

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