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First look on GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto, also known as GTA, is an action-adventure video game. Developed by DMA Design and published by BMG Interactive, is back with a new sequel. GTA VI and so many leaks. There is no confirmed date release for the game so be patient!


According to the longtime Rockstar insider, Grand Theft Auto 6’s story will follow twin siblings, one male and one female, who are separated following the death of their parents at the hands of the cartel in 2003. The game will reportedly explore this tragic event in its prologue.


Without further due let’s get to it. Firstly, about the gameplay, GTA VI takes place in vice city and its surroundings. We confirm this information from the trailer game footage. As we see many indicators such as police cars indicators with Vite city on written or logo on them. Hospitals and facilities have the name on them as well, so that’s solid proof.
We also got many names of locations around GTA VI map. Such as Echon Finnica, Rock Ridge, Hamlet, Red hill Forest, Yorktown and the Bokomor bridge. And just based off of these places, we can tell there is a lot of beaches, ports and lakes.
In GTA VI we’ll also have a drug dealing house, a car strip moll, a sniper nest and a warehouse where they build sex robots. A satanist house and a backyard for wrestling ring too. Developers also stated that motion matching and transitions are more fluid than the other GTA games. As for now, we are certain the game won’t launch before 2024 since rockstar is working on better circumstances for its stuff and not meeting deadlines.
We expect to see the game on Pc, ps5 and Xbox series X/S only.

For more gameplay details check out this video.
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