Flash Party Season 9 - New Content, Skins, and Rewards

Flash Party Season 9 – New Content, Skins, and Rewards


Flash Party Season 9 – New Content, Skins, and Rewards

Flash Party Season 9: New Features and Content for Fighting Fans

Flash Party, a popular platform fighting game, is set to launch its ninth season on March 29th, 2023. XD Games, the developer of the game, has announced several exciting new features and content that fighting fans can look forward to. In this article, we’ll discuss the highlights of Flash Party Season 9, including the introduction of the Dojo system, the Wheel of Destiny Skin Set, the Party Pass, and the game participation in the upcoming EVO Japan 2023.

Introduction of the Dojo System

One of the most highly anticipated features of Flash Party Season 9 is the Dojo system. Players can now create their own Dojo and invite friends to join, where they can compete and train together. The Dojo comes with private chat channels and a leaderboard where players can showcase their skills. To unlock exclusive rewards, players must complete the Dojo mission “Rise of Rookies” with their friends.

Flash Party Season 9
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The Wheel of Destiny Skin Set

Flash Party Season 9 also introduces a new Skin Set called the Wheel of Destiny. This set features legendary new looks for popular fighters, including Tina’s “Strength” Skin, Sophia’s “Justice” Skin, and Mr. 5’s “The Hermit” Skin. The designs were inspired by a mystic tarot deck, making the skins unique and exciting.

The Party Pass

The Party Pass is another exciting addition to Flash Party Season 9. It comes loaded with in-game items, including Alice’s Recolour Skin “Andromeda” and Sivi’s Alter Verse Skin “Vibrant Red.” Players can unlock the “Angel of Love” Skin for Cupid by reaching level 20 Intensity in the Arena. The Party Pass also offers other opportunities to earn rare cosmetics, making it a must-have for fighting fans.

Flash Party Joins EVO Japan 2023

three-day fighting event held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 31 to April 2. Flash Party is not only a competition title but also an official event sponsor, giving out an EVO reward redemption coupon in honor of the occasion. Players can use the code “FPEVOSPONSOR” before April 14 in-game to receive 120 Lucky Coins.

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