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First look on Harvestella

HARVESTELLA is an upcoming lifestyle simulation role-playing video game developed by Live Wire and published by Square Enix. It is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows, available through Steam.


HARVESTELLA takes place on a planet where four giant crystals, known as the Sea slight, govern the seasons. All life receives their blessings. One day, the Sea slight start behaving abnormally. Quietus begins to visit in the interim between seasons – and quickly establishes itself as the season of death.

During one particular Quietus, your character – a traveler – collapses in an isolated village. You meet a girl called Aria, who claims to have come from the future and is researching the mysteries of this new, unwelcome season.

Thus, you and she take the first step on a journey that will reveal the very truth of the world.


Moving on to the gameplay. Firstly, about HARVESTELLA, the main protagonists are your character which you customize from gender to looks at the beginning of the game. The village doctor saved you after your collapse from Quietus. Along with Aria a scientist and a time traveler. Asyl, part of the Argus Brigade and a trusted person by the villagers due to his kindness and straightness. Shrika, a missionary of the Sea slight order.

Secondly, in HARVESTELLA, a simulation life requires daily activities. One of your main activities is farming. You can grow vegetables, grains, and fruit in your fields. Keep in mind things you grow change from season to season. Once you’re done with growing and harvesting vegetables you use the shipping box to send them off and earn money.

Thirdly, you get to experience cooking and crafting in HARVESTELLA. You can craft and cook to help you on your adventures. You gain lots of benefits, including restoring HP. Some recipes even grant you status boosts. You can craft some other items other than food that can help your raid dungeons. Accordingly, you can socialize with villagers and make new friends daily. This also gives many bonuses and rewards after completing these activities as quests.

Finally, the world if HARVESTELLA is big and you can explore it and live many combats and experience many jobs while solving the Quietus riddle.

For visual gameplay details checkout this video
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