Fortnite x Revolution Beauty: Themed Makeup Collaboration

Fortnite x Revolution Beauty: Themed Makeup Collaboration

Fortnite Collaborates with Revolution Beauty to Launch Themed Makeup Products

Fortnite has become a massive global phenomenon since its launch, with collaborations with famous brands and franchises only increasing its popularity. The latest rumor surrounding the game is that it is collaborating with the beauty products brand Revolution Beauty. Most collaborations occur within the game itself, but developers expect this one to happen outside of Fortnite Island.

Collaboration Outside the Game

Fortnite’s immense popularity has attracted collaborations with various famous clothing brands such as Ralph Lauren and Balenciaga. These brands launched Fortnite-themed products to attract the huge player base of the game to their stores. However, this collaboration with Revolution Beauty is expected to be more affordable, allowing more people to be a part of it.

Themed Makeup Products

The collaboration aims to launch Fortnite-themed makeup products inspired by in-game elements such as the Loot Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, and Peely. The popular Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey revealed the details of the collaboration, which will offer players the opportunity to purchase cosmetics for use in real life.

Image via Epic Games

Launch Date

The launch date of the Fortnite-themed Revolution Beauty products is yet to be finalized. The companies are taking their time creating good products that will not affect the game’s schedule. The official Revolution Beauty website has added a Fortnite section, but there are no details regarding the launch date or the products available. Fans can only sign up for the waitlist to be part of the early access for the cosmetic products.


Fortnite has gained immense popularity and success, with collaborations becoming a regular feature of the game. This collaboration with Revolution Beauty will introduce themed makeup products to the game’s fans. While the launch date is still unknown, fans can expect to see more Fortnite-themed products outside the game in the future.

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