Spider-man 2

Spider-Man 2 on it’s way?

Before speaking about that, I want to point out the remaster for Spider-Man on PC. Many things get upgrades in the game. The following list sums it up:

  • Improved photo mode.
  • Portrait changes to Peter Parker’s face. making him look younger.
  • Improved visuals due to DLSS & DLAA support
  • Ray tracing and improved shadows.
  • Customizable controls
  • Unlocked framerate.

Jumping to the main topic For all the Spider-Man fans out there, Marvel is releasing its next Spider-Man game in 2023, with many cool events and bosses to deal with. along with the fun gameplay in this open world game. The game, however, is a PS5 exclusive. So we have to wait a couple of months until we get more information from Insomniac Games.

So far. Two confirmed villains in the game, Venom which everyone knows as the evil symbiote that devours everything on it’s way. And Craven the hunter, known in the comics and other spider-man games. Both villains have for goal destroying Spider-man’s life to prove themselves superior while our hero does his best to stop them from messing up the lives of people. There are rumors the green goblin is gonna make an appearence in the game as we saw him at the end of spiderman’s ending scene but it’s not confirmed yet.

In the teaser for the game, we see venom, peter parker and miles morales in a scene where a voice says: ” will one of you finally give me what I desire”, ” yes.. we will”.

With that being said, there is a high chance both peter parker and miles morales teaming up against villains in this game but it’s just a theory for now that we’ll get confirmed by the next teasers.Until then we’re gonna have to sit and wait!
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