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Triangle Strategy 

Triangle Strategy

Upcoming tactical role-playing game!

Triangle Strategy 

First look on Triangle Strategy 

Triangle Strategy is a 2022 tactical turn based role-playing game co-developed by Square Enix and Artdink for Nintendo Switch. And coming out October 13, 2022, on Pc


In Triangle Strategy, Young lord Serenoa Wolffort is beset on all sides by enemies, but he’s also got his companions with him to help make decisions about what’s best. You’ll have numerous opportunities to make different decisions. Most of the time you get two paths to choose from. Therefore, the game has multiple storylines and multiple different endings.


In Triangle Strategy, the player takes turns moving characters from their party across a grid-based playing field. In which computer-controlled opponents must be attacked and defeated. The game is split into different phases. Firstly, a planning stage that allows you to access the roaster and see the available units, their experience levels and their stats, weapons and accessories. Accordingly, each and every one of these characters have their own stories, abilities and straits. They all start as a recruit class and upgrade their skills and weapons trough medals earned in combat. The game also features exploration stages with no combat in which the player can speak to NPCs to gain new information and find hidden items and money.
Secondly, in Triangle Strategy, there is this merchant. The provisioner is the person you buy and sell items from; you can pick materials for crafting as well and other items. There are also training grounds for you to learn new tactics or upgrade your characters and strategies. And like we mentioned before, the game features a storyline with branching paths, with four possible, unique endings. You get to choose the outcome by selecting a path to follow which makes Triangle Strategy a fun game to play more than just once to complete the storyline in all possible ways.

For visual gameplay details checkout this video
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