War Thunder Mobile: The Future of Online Military Action Games

War Thunder Mobile: The Future of Online Military Action Games

War Thunder Mobile: The Future of Online Military Action Games

War Thunder Mobile: The Future of Online Military Action Games


The highly-anticipated War Thunder Mobile open beta testing has begun, and the game is already making waves in the gaming community. Gaijin Entertainment, the developers of War Thunder, have created an online military action game that promises to deliver a gaming experience unlike any other. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about War Thunder Mobile, from its convenient controls to its diverse collection of historical vehicles.

Convenient and Intuitive Controls

War Thunder Mobile offers convenient and intuitive controls that are designed to be accessible for players of all levels. Despite the game’s complexity, players can easily navigate through the game’s various modes, including ground, naval, and air battles. The controls are easy to learn and understand, allowing players to focus on the action instead of struggling to figure out how to play.

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Historically Accurate Vehicles

One of the most impressive features of War Thunder Mobile is its collection of over 200 historically accurate vehicles. The game features a diverse selection of tanks, ships, and aircraft from all eras, including the famous battleship Yamato. The naval battles in THE GAME also feature submarines, providing players with a unique gaming experience.

Progression System

War Thunder Mobile has a unique progression system that enables players to experiment with equipment from different countries. Players can unlock and upgrade various tanks, ships, and aircraft from different countries, such as the famous German Tiger II tanks and modern American M3 Bradley fighting vehicles. The game also has upcoming updates that will introduce the Abrams family tanks to the game.

Large-Scale Cooperative Battles

War Thunder Mobile features large-scale cooperative battles that allow players to fight alongside their friends and allies. The battles are historically accurate and use physically correct flight and damage models. Players must study the internal architecture of each vehicle, as well as the location of key components and crewmen, in order to effectively destroy their opponents.

Open Beta Testing

The open beta testing for War Thunder Mobile has begun, and the game is already receiving positive feedback from players. Gaijin Entertainment has confirmed that they will not reset player progress made during the open beta, and they will carry over all unlocked vehicles to the release version. Currently, you can only access the game on Android devices by downloading the APK format from the official website. However, they are expected to make the game available on Google Play and iOS devices in the upcoming months.


War Thunder Mobile promises to be the future of online military action games. With its convenient and intuitive controls, diverse collection of historical vehicles, and large-scale cooperative battles, it is no wonder why players are eagerly awaiting the game’s release. If you haven’t already, be sure to try out the open beta testing for War Thunder Mobile and experience the excitement for yourself.

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