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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2. A new Era Begins!

If you’re unfamiliar with overwatch (2), It ‘s a competitive team-based objective first person shooter game. It’s a game with an attacking and defending side in most game modes. The main idea is to capture points as attackers while defenders have to prevent you from doing so.

Now moving on to Overwatch 2. The major changes that the game has made are mind-blowing. The once pay-to-play game is now free to play for everyone. A PVE mode added to the game to make players familiar with the story of the characters. New heroes added each season as well as new maps and modes.

October 4th is the release date. Players join the live servers to find 3 new heroes, 6 new maps(Portugal, Midtown, etc.) , a brand new game mode, + 30 new skins, and a new mythic skin. They are adding a battle pass as well for more weekly missions to overcome. A new season every 9 weeks along with new heroes’ skins and modes.

Other changes to the game include 5v5 gameplay instead of 6v6, as well as one tank player in each team instead of two. Many characters reworkes, and here’s the list :

-Orisa’s primary fire does more damage but has no limits, while her secondary fire is an energy spear that pushes enemies back, a spear spin that destroys projectiles and pushes enemies back, while her ultimate gathers enemies around her, dealing damage with a final blow.

-Doomfist is no longer a DPS but a tank. He deals less damage but is tankier.

-Bastion can move while shooting in his turret form but has lost the ability to heal. His ultimate, on the other hand, is like 3 doomfist ults that make you vulnerable while casting.

-Sombra’s hack is only 1 sec instead of 5, and haacked enemies take more damage. Her EMP takes 40% of the enemies’ health.

You can find other small details in this video.
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