PMPL Americas 2023 Spring: Alpha7 Esports

PMPL Americas 2023 Spring: Alpha7 Esports

PMPL Americas 2023 Spring: Alpha7 Esports Emerges as Champions

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas Championship 2023 Spring concluded today, crowning Alpha7 Esports from Brazil as the champions of this highly competitive tournament. The Americas Championship brought together the best PUBG Mobile teams from North America and South America, based on their PMPL Spring standings, to determine the ultimate victor. Alpha7 Esports showcased their skills and resilience throughout the tournament, ultimately emerging victorious.

Alpha7 Esports and Their Remarkable Journey

While Alpha7 Esports entered the tournament as favorites, they faced initial setbacks in the first half. However, they displayed commendable determination and mounted a remarkable comeback in the last two days, securing the championship title. Competing against the best teams from their respective domestic regions, the tournament presented fierce competition and allowed little room for error or disappointment.

PMPL Americas 2023 Spring: Alpha7 Esports Points Table

Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

In the early stages of the tournament, iNCO Gaming appeared to be the frontrunner, closely followed by Intense Game. However, the tables soon turned, and despite being one of the better teams, iNCO lost momentum and struggled to secure a top 10 position in the remaining matches. Seizing the opportunity, Alpha7 Esports capitalized on their opponents’ downfall and claimed the top spot on the leaderboard with relative ease.

The only team that offered significant competition to Alpha7 was N Hyper Esports from the USA. Nevertheless, even they fell short of dethroning the champions. Other teams, including the previous PMPL winners Jaguar, as well as YKG and The Chosen, faced disappointment. This served as a testament to the high level of competition present in the PMPL Americas Championship.

Prize Pool Distribution

Aside from the prize money awarded based on final team positions, the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), Adrian27 from Intense Game, earned an additional $1000 for his exceptional display of skills that greatly contributed to his team’s top 3 finish. The victorious Alpha7 Esports received $25,000, while the runners-up, NHP and Intense Game, secured $19,000 and $15,000 respectively.


By claiming the title of PMPL Americas Champions, Alpha7 Esports has secured a spot in the upcoming PMWI 2023, which will be hosted by Tencent later this summer. Their unwavering determination and ability to perform under pressure have once again proven their status as a formidable team. This year holds great promise for Alpha7 Esports, as they strive to capture a major international title and add to their impressive collection of PUBG Mobile accolades.

As the curtains close on the PMPL Americas Championship, the stage is set for an even grander show in the PMWI 2023. Fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the clash of titans that will determine the world’s best PUBG Mobile team.

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