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Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

A fun upcoming game of 2023?!

Hogwarts Legacy

For all Harry potter fans out there. Hogwarts Legacy and open world action rpg is an upcoming 2023 game on February 10th confirmed by the community manager chandler wood. Releasing on Xbox one, Xbox series,PS4,PS5, steam, epic games and finally nintendo switch. They’re also releasing a book which can be ordered from amazon.

Moving on to the actual game. Hogwarts Legacy story time line is the 1800s talks about how dark wizards and an army of goblins prepare to destroy the wizard world in which the characters live. Ancient magic is one of the main tools in the story game since the wizarding world revolves around it.
As the main protagonist who survived some even which made you kinda famous. You join the academy as a fifth year student instead of a regular first year. Now are you strong enough to keep up with your class? that’s a mystery yet to discover while playing the game.

Speaking about characters, we don’t have much information about the key characters in this game but we have a couple of them checked on the list. Professor figg elisa, your tutor who teaches you many things during your journey, Ranrock the leader of the goblin rebellion who has access to ancient magic and victor rookwood a dark wizard who’s ally with Ranrock.

Exploration is one of the many fun aspects of this game. Sometimes, casting spells is your onnly way to unlock doors and find secret passage ways.
And since your a student, attending to class is your daily routine. We aren’t sure if like persona, this game has a slice of life playstyle but you’ll be learning through crafting potions, defensive and offensive spells and many more.

Many other details are listed in this video so be sure to check it out.
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