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Flash Party

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Flash Party

First look on Flash Party

Flash Party is a single-player online action combat game developed and released by XD Entertainment. The game releases on PC on January 10th, 2023, with both online and offline matches available. Modes galore, themed seasons, and a competitive Pinnacle Arena! 


Before we get to the story of Flash Party, take note that the game exists on mobile. The upcoming version on PC is mainly an upgrade to the game with many new features. With that being said, the brand-new Stardust Warriors version completely upgrades this fun-loving and exciting fighting party. Flash Party is a platform fighting game. You can control the most interesting heroes in this exciting fighting party. Attack, jump, dodge, and block—throw your opponents off-stage with all sorts of moves!


Moving on to the gameplay. firstly, we want to discuss the heroes you can play as in Flash Party. There are up to 20 distinctive heroes, and many more are on the way with different classes. Each of the classes and heroes has distinctive mechanisms and unique styles. However, the game’s concept is pretty famous. Basically, knock the enemy off the stage. To achieve this, you need to raise the K.O. bar on top of the player’s heroes for a higher chance to knock them out. Secondly, the hero types are: all-rounder, assaulter, powerhouse, and impeder; each has an exclusive fighting mechanism.
All-rounder attacks in three directions and unleashes a powerful special attack.The attacker cancels specific attacks to create new combos. Power House: the higher their KO score is, the more powerful their attack becomes. Finally, Impeder uses attack shields to accumulate energy and release a Super Grab and Throw. Accordingly, there are multiple game modes to try out alone or with others, such as Costumes, Season: Party Pass, or Be a Party Animal. In addition, each one of these has different gameplay and missions to complete, which makes Flash Party more fun than ever.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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