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Project Gray

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First look on Project Gray Game

Project Gray Game is as an open world adventure action-RPG. Released by In-D development studio in South Korea. As for the platforms, we expect this game to be on New gen consoles. This includes Ps5, Xbox one, Xbox series S/X and Pc via Steam. In addition, the game releases in late 2023 or early 2024.


Project Gray is about an advanced alien civilization known as “Gray” that has arrived on the main character’s planet. While gaining new abilities through Gray, primarily in the right arm, the main character eventually fights to drive them out after discovering the secrets of their arrival. There are apparently some secrets connecting the planet and Gray waiting for players to discover.


Moving on to the gameplay, firstly on Project Gray you are going to explore the vast open world and different cultures of many tribes existing in this game.This alone delivers an amazing experience for players to enjoy. From the riddles and interactions with other villages to the floating spaceships in the skies bringing aliens to the planet Secondly, according to the game developers, the “grays,” as the aliens call themselves, were nice and friendly in the beginning. They gave normal humans powers and abilities, but during the game’s story, they revealed their real faces.
Thirdly, in Project Gray, you face off against multiple grays while progressing in the game. Each one of them has different abilities and attack patterns, which makes the game more fun. Accordingly, there are villages to explore, places to sleep, and zones for hunting. Not to mention the terrifying spaceships with their details and human capsules turning normal humans into superhumans. 

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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