The Clock Tower: Bringing Time Mechanic to Clash Royale


The Clock Tower: Bringing Time Mechanic to Clash Royale

The Clock Tower: Bringing Time Mechanic to Clash Royale

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Card concepts in Clash Royale are constantly evolving, with players coming up with unique ideas to add to the game. One such idea that has been gaining traction is the Clock Tower concept. The Clock Tower is a building card that brings the Time Mechanic to Clash Royale.

What is the Clock Tower?

Players who have played Clash of Clans will be familiar with the Clock Tower building. In Clash of Clans, the Clock Tower is an unlocked building at Builder Hall Level 4 that helps accelerate construction, research, and resource collection in your village. In Clash Royale, the Clock Tower concept is a little different.

The Clock Tower Card Concept

The user u/MehmetSalihKoten shared the concept of the Clock Tower card on the popular r/ClashRoyale Reddit community. The concept video depicts a Clock Tower being dropped in the arena, similar to its counterpart in the Clash Universe. The Clock Tower appears to push the opponent troop back, but it actually sends the unit back in time three seconds to its previous position. Additionally, the Clock Tower drops friendly troops five seconds into the future, where they encounter a time machine.

The Rarity and Elixir Cost

The rarity of the Clock Tower is given as a Champion, with an Elixir cost of four. The Elixir cost is reasonable, making it a viable option for players who are looking for a unique way to approach gameplay.

Community Response

As with most new ideas, the community responded positively to the Clock Tower concept. It triggered many funny and creative comments, which led to creative discussions. This positive response from the community shows that players are always looking for new and innovative ways to play Clash Royale.

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