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Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle

Dragon ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle Worldwide celebration is here!

Dragon ball Z: dokkan battle

The gacha game Dragon ball Z: dokkan battle’s latest celebration is finally here. Let’s get started right away. 
Firstly, the campaign starts off with a login bonus that has +70 dragon stones and many other items like potentiel orbs, zenis, and others. There is also a new daily login bonus where you get 1, 3, or 7 dragon stones depending on your luck.

As for the banners, All players are waiting for the dragon ball Z game live(Dokkan now) at 3 a.m. Afterward, the banners will drop at around 5 am. The main banners are Cooler and Goku. Cooler is a dokkan festival one, while Goku is a double rate SSR Carnival banner. 
Other than that, Players got about a hundred tickets for a ticket summoning banner. And another 50 tickets multi-summon with 1 Lr and 3 featured units guaranteed. Keep in mind that all of these tickets are free to play.

Moving on to the actual content. Dragon ball Z: Dokkan Battle added 2 new Redzone stages. A freezer and cooler redzone , not as hard as the last one, but good enough to challenge yourself.
They also added a boss rush, which is most of the time, a free 35ds to the majority of players, an EZA for Dokkan Festival Goku, and the LR full power freezer.

New history events are here as well. A free-to-play Goku/Gohan, followed by a Dokkan awakening for the free-to-play cooler TEC card. 
Await for more content such as “Spirit of the Sayains and Pride of the Wicked Bloodline”, the new high-difficulty event after the Dokkan now live is over.
That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more information later on the celebration.
For more details check this video
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