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Grounded First look

Grounded is an upcoming survival game exclusive on Xbox one coming in September 27, 2022


Grounded is an open world game where you and your friends shrink into the size of an ant. Pretty crazy, right? Now you have to work together with everyone to survive and build shelters for yourselves. 
There is this robot narrator explaining that we have shrunk and that we must survive while fixing a machine. This machine is the one responsible for this incident, and since it broke, we have to fix it.


Moving on the actual gameplay. Grounded is a co-op of 1 to 4 players survival adventure game where you build and explore. You first get to choose your character from one of the 4 available ones, Max, Willow, Pete and Hoops. afterwards you spawn in the map with no items or whatsoever, you have to loot resources and craft tools etc.
In Grounded there is this analyser that helps you discover new recipes and identify objects you collect. There is also this workbench where you can craft items and tools for better survival chances.
A blueprint feature helps you pick the design for what you want to build. This helps you specifically in setting your home base, it can also be used to mark parts of the map/ world.
And like we mentioned before you’re the size of an insect, of course you’ll be meeting some. In this wildlife, you’ll face neutral and aggressive insects, some have melee other have ranged attacks as well. Don’t worry though, in your inventory you’ll find objects you or your friends crafted which’ll help you survive against the aggressive insects. Your backpack has lots of loot as well which can be collected back if you die while exploring. however, it stays where you last died so you have to get back to it.
In Grounded, grass is one of the main resources which you use to craft and build things. You collect it along many other plants using an axe to build different structures with different durability and utility.
The game seems really fun and if i were you i wouldn’t miss giving this a shot!

for more gameplay details check out this video.
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