Devil May Cry Peak of Combat: Pre-Registrations Open

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat: Pre-Registrations Open

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat: Pre-Registrations Open

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat: Pre-Registrations Open

Get Ready for Global Devil Hunting: Devil May Cry Peak of Combat English Pre-Registrations Now Open!

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

Are you prepared for some mobile devil-hunting action? With CAPCOM’s official approval, the China-based developer Nebulajoy is bringing the well-known hack-and-slash game Devil May Cry to mobile devices. The game will debut in Chinese markets in 2021, at which point it will be made available to audiences worldwide.

The mobile game, which promises to replicate the traditional devil-hunting experience with its chaotic battle style in your pocket, will star Nero, the protagonist from DMC 4 and 5. But that’s not all; the game will also feature PVP and online team battles, lending it an RPG feel.

Dante, Lady, Vergil, and Nero from DMC 3, DMC 4, and DMC 5 will all make cameos in the game, which will excite fans of the series. Devil May Cry Goes Mobile is expected to be a big success thanks to the developers’ strategy of leveraging the series’ popularity while also incorporating the appeal of an RPG playstyle.

What are you still holding out for? Visit the website and pre-register for the Android or iOS platform using your email. Prepare to engage in devil-hunting action anytime, anyplace, on your mobile device.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat: Closed Beta Test on March 23rd!

New and exciting information has just arrived from the development lab! We are quite excited about Devil May Cry Peak of Combat’s closed beta tests, which are soon to begin.

The closed beta tests will begin on March 23rd and will only be available to a select group of players in South East Asia, according to the developers NebulaJoy and CAPCOM.

So don’t worry, you’re insured by us! All you have to do to participate in the closed beta tests is like and retweet the announcement tweet. Just like that!

The icing on the cake is that the 200 lucky players will be chosen at random, giving everyone participant an equal chance to experience Devil May Cry Peak of Combat’s exhilarating action.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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