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football manager 2K23

What’s New in FM2K23: A Review and Analysis

What you must know before buying FM2K23!

football manager 2K23

First look on football manager 2K23

Football Manager 2K23 is another sports game developed by sports interactive. Titled to both Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation consoles for now and for mobile on both iOS and android devices as well as Nintendo switch and apple arcade. It is set to release the 8th of November of the year 2022


Since Football Manager 2K23 is a sports game based on real life date, there isn’t much of a game story. The game takes action in the modern world of 2022 with its players and different leagues in competition for the best titles.


Without further delay let’s dive right into the gameplay. Firstly, Football manager 2K23 features UEFA club competitions Such as UEFA champion league, Europa league and Europa conference league. Secondly, the game attributes 6 new male and female hairstyle along with new suits, coats, jeans and other accessory. Thirdly, Squad planner is a new interface in the game which role is to assess your current formation tactic. This helps you list up to 3 players and chose from them to move to your team.
Fourthly, one of the important things in Football manager 2K23 is the improved AI manager movements such as changing tactics and switching playstyles in matches. There is also this supporter confidence thing. It’s basically social media reviews and fan base that consists of 6 types (hardcore, core, family, fair weather, corporate, casual). Accordingly, Data hub improvements has more details about players performance. Dynamic manager timeline shows achievements with up to 50 different milestones.

Additionally, there are other interesting features such as versus mode, pre-match changes and major league soccer (MLS) changes coming to Football Manager 2K23 in a couple days. So, stay alert to not miss any changes.

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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