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Paragon: The Overprime

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First look on Paragon: The Overprime

Above all, Paragon: The Overprime is a free team-based strategy TPS Action MOBA. Developed and published by Netmarble F&C Team SoulEve and set for release on 6 Dec, 2022 on Pc via Steam or epicgame stores.


In Paragon: The Overprime , choose one of the heroes with original skills, destroy the enemy’s base, and claim it as your own. Experience the synesthetic actions from third-person view and the countless possible strategies from the synergy between heroes and in-game items. Each game you play will be an exciting new challenge. Accordingly, there is a cinematic for each hero so you can have better experience with your character.


Moving on to the gameplay of Paragon the Overprime, Firstly , Choose one of the many powerful heroes with unique skills and work with your teammates to conquer the Prime battlefield. Speed across the battlefield with the heroes of Prime and feel the thrill of the action. Accordingly, there are many heroes to pick from, each one of them belonging to a certain role. which takes us to the second point. In the multiple classes or roles, there are six roles to play, as in Paragon the Overprime. Ranger, Caster, Fighter, Tank, and Assassin
Thirdly, Paragon the Overprime has a ranking system. Bronze is the lowest rank in the game, followed by silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and finally grandmaster as the highest rank. You get assigned one of these ranks after 10 placement matches to measure your skills. Obviously, the higher you climb, the better the rewards and enemies’ skills get. In addition, items and builds exist in Paragon the Overprime. You can buy items with the gold you collect from doing objectives around the map to improve your kit.

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