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Upcoming Horror Cards Game for Nintendo Switch?!


First look on inscryption

Inscryption was released for Microsoft Windows on October 19, 2021. Followed by PlayStation 4 and 5 versions in August. And is now coming Nintendo Switch on 1st of December 2022.


Within a cabin in inscryption, Carder’s player-character interacts with a shadowy, hostile dealer named Leshy. When Carder’s character loses, Leshy uses a magic camera to capture the character into a new “death card” that appears in later games. Between rounds, Carder’s character can move about the cabin, finding three cards that speak to him: the Stoat, the Stinkbug, and the Stunted Wolf, all three of whom guide the character to locate a roll of film in the room. Once the character defeats Leshy, they steal the camera and use the film to capture Leshy on a death card. Searching the room reveals the missing “New Game” button. After collecting them, the game resets to a fresh state.


Firstly, inscryption is in 3 main acts on a 3×4 grid, which expands to a 3×5 grid on the 3rd act. Accordingly, the player’s cards are in the bottom row, while their opponent plays cards ahead of time into the top row. Each card has attack and health values. The cards you play attack the cards in front of them, dealing damage to the AI, and it adds up to a tipping point on the bot side. However, taking damage will tip it back towards you. Once the scale is off by 5 damage units, the match ends.
Secondly, there is more to inscryption than just some clumsy card battles with AI. As the existence of bosses makes the fights more fun or thrilling, each one of them has unique moves. This makes the patterns change while the game progresses, so thinking constantly about the best move is the right choice. Thirdly, the music, or soundtrack, of the game adds a flavor of horror to the game as it is not relaxing or silent at all. Fourthly, Inscryption asks you to do stuff outside the board, such as exploring the room. Solving puzzles and other things are also a thing in the game. And while you are rewarded for completing them, they will scare you to death!

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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